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King Me

Scene I: Forest

The episode starts in the middle of the dark and unlit forest.

Maurice: Ladies and gentlemen, King Julien!

A spotlight was turned on revealing King Julien who was leaning on a tree. Music starts to play as the crowd applauses.

King Julien: *sings* I wanna dance. I wanna mo-ove. I wanna dance. Ooh. Ooh. I wanna groo-ove...

Scene quickly pans to the left showing Maurice lying on the ground.

Maurice: Yeah. It's show time!

Maurice jumps up and lands beside King Julien who was now standing properly.

King Julien: What's up my peoples? No, your eyes are not going crazy. It's me, King Julien! And Maurice, of course. *to Maurice* Hello.

Maurice: 'Sup!

King Julien: Aah, cheer up you fuzzy pumpkin. It's a party, for me! I'm the king! Can I hear some noise there.

King Julien walks to the cheering crowds as he let his left arm high five with his people and touches Mort's face by accident to Mort's joy.

As people were having fun at the party, a group of foosas came out suddenly as the people started to scatter around, scared.

Maurice ran to King Julien.

Maurice: You have to run, your majesty. It's not safe!

King Julien: King Julien does not run. I got this!

King Julien invited the foosas for a brawl as the foosas ran towards him and he beats up all of the foosas in various and mostly impossible ways before the foosas seem to be eating King Julien as he stopped fighting and crouched onto the ground, surrounded by hungry foosas. Suddenly, King Julien came out, exploding the foosa away with his keytar and starts playing it.

The background turns into Maurice's face (mouth specifically) as he said in a deep voice.

Maurice: Prince Julien! Prince Julien, wake up!

Scene II: Prince Julien's Chambers

The scene suddenly changes to Prince Julien lying/dreaming on his bed while playing his imaginary keytar which is his cushion.

Maurice: Prince Julien. Prince Julien, wake up! You have a meeting with your uncle the King in an hour.

Prince Julien still doesn't wake up as he began to sing a song while still playing his 'keytar'.

Maurice: *sighs* *shouts* DANCE PARTY AT THE BAOBAB TREE!

Prince Julien: *immediately wakes up* What you say what? Why wasn't I invited? Wait, there is no dance party is there?

Maurice: Of course not. Had the dream again, didn't you?

Prince Julien: Yes. It's always the same. I am the most awesome king ever Maurice! And then I wake up and see you.

Maurice: Maybe some day that dream will come true.

Prince Julien: Please. We'd have to pry the crown from my uncle's cold dead head. And even then, he probably wouldn't give it to you.

Maurice: Well you gotta give the guy credit. He has kept us safe.

Prince Julien: But (someone please help with this part) Maurice, the foosa threat is like majorly exaggerated.

Maurice: They ate half the kingdom last year.

Prince Julien: And left the other half perfectly fine. What am I always saying?

Maurice: Do these toenails make me look fat?

Prince Julien: Yes. Wait, no! That is- well, but also, I don't want to survive, Maurice! I want to live! And this, is not living.

Scene III: The Kingdom

Zooms out of the hut into the quiet kingdom, showing signs saying "Keep Quiet", "I Want You to Shut Up" as a lemur pops out from a rock, looking around before another lemur pops out.

Second lemur: Sshhhh!

Both lemurs pops back in. Another sign is shown saying "Shhh!" and another "I Want You to Shut Up", this time with a drawing of Uncle King Julien/King Julien XII on it as the real Uncle King pops out from the bottom of the screen as he looks around and then crawls quietly to a certain place before calling very silently.

Uncle King Julien: Masikura!

Masikura: *appears behind Uncle King* Yes, your majesty.

Uncle King Julien: Woah! *falls onto the ground* Holy forehead! Right, I'm ready for my psychic reading. Got a really good feeling about this one.

Masikura: Your majesty, I'm sorry. The prophecy is very clear. The king of the lemurs will be eaten by, the foosa!

Uncle King Julien: Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah. By sundown tomorrow I know all that. Are you sure the sky gods have been getting my (can't get this one either)? And what about my begging...


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