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Episode based

  • We learn that there is an elevator in the penguin HQ that leads to the 13 sub-levels.
  • King Julien actually broke the fourth wall, by licking the screen.
  • Second episode to be titled after King Julien. The first was Happy King Julien Day!.
  • There are more traps shown in this episode than the ones in Launchtime.
  • Mason's actions at the animals' zoovenir shop meeting suggests that he may know a little about parliamentary procedure.
  • King Julien used Skipper's toothbrush but in fact penguins don't have teeth.
  • Marlene's love for candy is shown again. The first time was Happy King Julien Day!.
  • Running gag: Private keeps telling Julien about the secret areas that the other penguins don't want him to know.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • During the meeting, Marlene starts complaining about Skipper and Julien. You can see Bing on the left (behind Mason) and Bada on the right. In the next shot of the zoosters, they switch places.
  • With Skipper acting as king, Mort briefly cuddles his feet and remarks that they are now webbed. However, none of the penguins' feet show any visible indication of being webbed like real penguin feet would be.
  • Maurice said Kowalski's name for the first time.

Behind the Scenes

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