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Season 3

Episode How
Feline Fervor
King Me
  • If he didn't make a good case in Clemson's body to tell the zoo that he's giving the title to Clemson in Julien's body, he would've lost his kingly powers, and worse, make Clemson king, who is evil.
Action Reaction
Thumb Drive
  • Saved the chameleons by allowing Maurice to use his thumb to break into the food shed and get the chameleons their food, without which they would have starved.
Operation: Big Blue Marble
Smotherly Love
Antics on Ice
Showdown on Fairway 18
A Kipper for Skipper
High Moltage
Nuts to You
The Terror of Madagascar
Mental Hen
Private and the Winky Factory
Best Laid Plantains
Skipper Makes Perfect
Marble Jarhead
Goodnight and Good Chuck
Best Foes
Night of the Vesuviuses
Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse
Operation: Swap-panzee
Tunnel of Love
The Penguin Who Loved Me


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