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  • private wants to play "Simon Says", Kowalski says "Simon Says we play trivia", and Rico suggests Dreamy date.
  • Skipper refuses and asks them to play....
  • Hot Potato!!
  • The others gets frightened with Skipper's suggestion
  • Rico says "Here you go!"
  • "Oh come on!!"
  • Private throws it and yells "Hot Potato!"
  • The Koala's Habitat gets damaged in the process of the game.
  • Morning came as they decided to move Lenard the koala to the Kangaroo Habitat for a meanwhile
  • Kowalski says "I calculate the odds whether surviving that scenario at 100 %."
  • Skipper questions "Really!?"
  • “No wait! I was holding it upside down. That’s Zero percent with an exclamation point”
  • Skipper admits “Somehow I feel this is partially our fault” while Private adds "Its entirely our fault!"
  • Skipper :" Listen up Joey, we've got some new----"
  • Then Joey kicks Skipper off the wall.
  • Joey confronts Private and says " Joey don't like visitors"
  • Private reluctantly says “Huh…Umm… then I don’t imagine you fancy a……. roommate.”
  • Private asks “Is it a yes?” and Joey gladly answered “ Sure, it’s lonely being the only room in the zoo. So who is this Sheila?”
  • King Julien and the other lemurs came while Julien says “Hurry! Hurry! We didn’t want to miss the hostility of the habitat”
  • Skipper introduces Lenard to Joey “ Joey this is Lenard, Lenard , Joey”
  • Kowalski explains to Joey that Lenard is koala and says " Therefore with your diverse sleeping schedule, your interaction would be kept at an absolute minimum."
  • Skipper : See, your hardly even know his here and you can even use him as a footstool if you want
  • The penguins left as Skipper says " Roll out men. Afterwards Joey used Lenard as a footstool and said "Mmm.. not bad, not bad at all"
  • Night falls when Lenard wakes up in his sleep to reveal himself in the Kangaroo Habitat
  • Lenard climbs the tree to hide. Joey warms up to Lenard “ Come down there, I am your temporary habitat mate”
  • Joey sleeps peacefully in the night
  • Lenard broke he silence as he woke Joey up
  • Morning came and Joey is about to play with his ball.
  • Roger says “Oi mate, that’s me bouncing ball!” and drives Lenard out of the way.
  • While Joey sleeps in the night, Lenard borrows his ball. Accidentally deflating it.
  • Joey sees the situation.
  • Private asks Skipper “Nice idea, with habitat warming gift Skippah but are you sure they like fish?”. Rico says “Fish”. Then Skipper replies “ Everybody likes fish, Private”
  • Kowalski giving a trivia. " Actually, Kangaroos are herbivores and Koalas eat only Eucalypus leaves"
  • "I gotta do something with all these trvia"
  • Leonard: Help ....Skipper says " Ditch the gift, roll out!!"
  • Skipper yells at Rico " RICO!!", Rico says "Aww"
  • The penguins rescue Leonard, retreating in the sewers.
  • Leonard insulting Joey.
  • Skipper dragging him...
  • Joey breaks free from the hole.
  • “Curious, I haven’t think a mammal that large coud be so stealthy”
  • Skipper: Maybe we turn around and turn-----……
  • Joey kicks Kowalski...Kowalski : UGH….!!
  • Skipper makes Private close his eyes.
  • Joey and Leonard became friends.
  • Hot Potato
  • Skipper says in the ending " I love that game!"

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