Julien received this from the lost in found. He started playing Thump Thump but unfortunately it dies (also ruining Mort's foot time). Julien tries to find a battery identical to his but to no avail. Julien then finds Kowalski's Power Cell (which looks exactly like dead Baxter). Kowalski locks it away. But Julien and Mort managed get it out and with 2 powerful items (The Diaboligizer and the power cell) transformed the normal MP3 player into a monstrous Magical MP3 player with the ability to make anyone who speaks, sing and shoot laser darts from it's Earplugs (which functions as eyes and hands). Dr. Blowhole managed to tame it with Dr. Blowhole's solo. Now with both villains controlling the city, the penguins come up with a plan, they lure it over Julien's Thump Thump song we heard earlier. Skipper (with some motivation from Alex his spirit guide) and Kowalski's planning they managed to get the power cell out. Killing it and reducing it back to a normal MP3 player

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