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  • His habitat used to belong to Alex.
  • "Joey", is the name given to a marsupial cub.
  • Although he has a male voice and voice actor, he is depicted as having a pouch. Only female kangaroos have pouches.
  • The penguin that annoys him more is Rico as it is revealed in Kanga Management.
  • In The Terror of Madagascar he says he hates having warm feelings inside after he saw Mort playing with the baby Fossa.
  • In Over Phil he plays basketball with Bada and Bing with a beach ball in his habitat.
  • In Skorca! he offers to catch the skorca for a fee. He beat up all of the humans who were holding the skorca's ropes and fights the penguins for the right to the Orca.
  • He does not seem to hate Marlene, as they were standing together in The Terror Of Madagascar
  • He states that he has a hungry heart in Kanga Management.
  • He doesn't like sharing.
  • He and Leonard get along as they both dislike the Penguins.
  • He doesn't like anyone touching his beach ball.
  • He doesn't like others in his habitat.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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