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  • Skipper: What's the matter, wallaby? Can't kick a moving target?
  • Joey: Wallaby? I'm a kangaroo, mate!
  • Careful, mate! That tone will get you a wallop!
  • Joey don't like cheap imitations.
  • Joey don't like visitors.
  • Yeah, that might be a fair go.
  • So, who is this Shela?
  • Move it, ya bludgers! I'll rip yer arm off to use it to scratch my chunder! Back off my skorca!
  • Skipper: Maniac! Can't you see we share the same enemy?!
  • Joey: Joey don't share!
  • Oi, Joey's breaking out in song.
  • Give me a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
  • Blimey, I think this blokes kicked!
  • Oi, mate! That's me bouncy ball.
  • Oh, you think Joey's afraid to get his paws dirty, do ya?
  • End of the line, Fuzz Lump.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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