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Jingle Bells (Short version - A Christmas Caper)

Jingle Bells, monkey smells,
Melman laid an egg,
Marty thinks that Alex stinks,
And (the) camels say "Oy Vey(!)"!

Jingle Bells (Full version - Party with the Penguins)

Chorus: The short version of Jingle Bells sang twice.

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go

Melman: You Know I'm Allergic to hay

The Snow is falling down
Put on you hat and scarf
Melman doesn't look so good

Melman: I think I'm gonna barf!



'Kowalski:' Uh, sir? We have a level 4 clean up in the back on the sleigh...
Melman: I warned you guys.

The sleigh is really fast
with bells silver and gold
we want to ride and sing all night
Melman: Guys, I've got a cold. Sniff

Bells on bob tails ring
making spirits bright
what fun it is to ride and sing
Melman: I don't feel so good tonight



We're having a blast
'Rico: 'Ka-Boom.
out on Christmas day
Melman: Excuse me is it possible
to get car sick in a sleigh?

Now we're on our way
to a Christmas bash
zooming back and forth
Melman: Hey, I've got whiplash


(Chorus, after the second line Melman says "Did not" or "Wasn't me")


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