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Jim is a photographer. Every year, he comes to the zoo to take pictures for the Central Park Zoo brochure. The only material he's interested in is cuteness and adorability, so he chooses a mascot-like animal. It's usually Private who gets this honor, but one year, he chooses Mort instead after Maurice turns the camera to the Lemur Habitat. Whenever Marlene tries her best to be adorable to be on the brochure, Jim ignores her.

Jim reappears in Fit to Print. The penguins track him down to prevent him from sending a photo that will reveal the penguins' secret operations to the zoo's advertisement agency. They take control of some of the electric equipment in his apartment to make it seem like they are ghosts, so to distract him so Kowalski can delete the photo. They freak Jim out, but fail to delete the photo.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other