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Scene I: Kowalski's Lab[The camera goes to Kowalski working on something].

Kowalski: Oh looks like somebody generated a electroplasmonic energy orb. Boo yah!

[In the penguins' bunker, a blast shakes the building and Skipper jumps, dumping his coffee and fish onto his head.]

Skipper: Augh! Rico, no weapons testing indoors!

Rico: [Looks up from neswpaper] Wasn't me!

Private: It's Kowalski, Skipper! He's been in his lab all night.

Skipper: Kowwalski!

[The door opens and Kowalski stumbles out, smoking.]

Kowalski: Everything under control, Skipper... [He falls over.]

[Later, Kowalski is lying on his bunk.]

Kowalski: You don't understand. I haven't had a scientific breakthrough in weeks.

Private: But what about your shrink ray?

Kowalski: Pfft! Small potatoes. Useless!

Skipper: [Holding up bag of potatoes that's been shrunk] Oh, I don't know. We could whip ourselves up a batch of teeny-tiny french fries.

Kowalski: NO! There's a groundbreaking discovery somewhere in my brain just waiting to burst forth. If you need me, I'll be on the cutting edge of SCIENCE!

[He returns to his lab. He's generated another energy orb and reaches out to touch it.]

Kowalski: Ahhh. [Getting electrocuted] AAAAUGHAGHAUGH--

[The energy orb explodes. After the smoke clears, he sits up and gasps. Something glowing and green oozes off of the top shelf and into a Jell-O box. He gasps again and runs forward. Out of the box springs an odd transparent green cube, which jiggles and wobbles at him. He stares for a moment, then smiles.]

Scene 3: Penguin HQ

[The door to Kowalski's lab flies open and he bursts out]

Kowalski: Eureka!

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