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Kowalski: Where's the reflecting mirror for sattellite based lasers? The titanium ground-net for tunnelling mole-robots? The comprehensive antidote kit to counteract any mind-control gas sprayed by any villainous madman with a super-blimp?
Marlene: A... super-blimp. Really?
Skipper: Go ahead and scoff! Super blimp madmen live to smack down scoffers.

Marlene: Guys outside there's all these men with the matching suits and they have wands that are all like bleep-bloop-bloopity-bloop-bleep and... (The penguins stared at her and resumed their doings while she stares at them then gets upset) Okay, how am I the paranoid one here?

Kowalski: Well I could pull... this branch! (pulls a branch and breaks it)
Skipper: A stick. Your option is a stick.
Kowalski: I pulled the wrong one alright?! (pulls a different branch and reveals a secret panel) I've upgraded the standard jetpack with a full weapons array and auxilliarry turbos. It's all untested but I'm 51.7% certain it won't erupt in a gaseous fireball the size of a dwarf sun.
Rico: Oooh...
Private: That's slightly over half!
Skipper: (putting on the jetpack) Well those are odds we can most likely live with!

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