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Private: Wait! Listen!
TV Nurse: But Doctor! We can't just give up on him!
TV Doctor: I'm afraid the infection is just too far along. It's reached the brain, it's done things, horrible things.
(Private gasps and cringes as inside the hospital, Skipper is coughing and trying to climb up a strip of gauze as the TV plays orchestral music in the background)
TV Doctor: There's simply... nothing we can do...
Kowalski: The infection!
Private: Still, it's nice that they brought in an orchestra to help break the news...
Rico: Mmmm-hmmm...

(after mistakenly believing that Skipper is dead)
Private: Skipper's...gone? It-It-It can't be! (hops down from Rico, who hops down from Kowalski) What'll we do?
Kowalski: We'll honor him the way he would've wanted. By soldiering on like men!
(He salutes Skipper and Rico and Private look stoic. Cut to Kowalski, Private, and Rico in their home base, crying)

(Rico vomits up a picture of Skipper and sobs)
Rico: Why? Why? WHY????!!!!

Kowalski: Okay, based on what I know about zombies, the safest place to hide is in a small dark room with creepy lighting.
(Skipper presses up against the glass, and lightning flashes)

(Skipper falls on top of Rico, his mouth around his head, and both start struggling and grunting)
Private: He's eating Rico's brain!!!
Kowalski: RICO'S?! (to Skipper) I mean, did you even see this juicy, jumbo, genius tenderloin?! Huh?! That's Grade-A Science brain, baby!
Skipper: *growls*
Kowalski: AAAAH!!!

Kowalski: No mercy this time boys! Rico, see if you can shut off your conscience and sense of decency.
Rico: Yah. (vomits up a running chainsaw)

Private: Oh Rico! Chainsaw's your answer to everything!

Rico about to attack Skipper Come here.

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