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Number 1 (Maurice & Mort)

Every time you penguins score
It's King Julien we adore

Julien: Bring me on!

Number 2 (Maurice, Mort, Julien)

All, ah-ha,
across the nation, ah-ha
There's a new, ah-ha
Hockey sensation, ah-ha
Julien, Julien, Julien

Number 3 (Skipper)

De-fence, deee-fence
King Julien needs to play

Number 4 (Skipper, Private, Rico, Kowalski)

Skipper: All, ah-ha
Private: Across the nation, ah-ha
Rico: There's a new, ah-ha
Kowalski: Hockey sensation, ah-ha
All four: Julien, Julien, Julien


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