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Skipper: Way to turn your nauseating deformity into a plus, Private.
Marlene: What? But he terrorized half the zoo! He made babies cry! He made grown-ups cry! I cried!
Skipper: Exactly! The lesson here is, always be yourself.
Julien's voice in Maurice's mouth: That is so true.
(Marlene eats Maurice's popcorn.)
Maurice's voice in Julien's butt: Uh, I think that's my popcorn.
(Marlene throws up as we see the The End card.)

Kowalski: Of course. The itchy feathers. He's (gasps) molting!
Rico: Ew!
Skipper: To the bunker! And cover the Private's shame.

(Private is burning and has boils all over his body, the penguins do the loofah maneuver on Private and look shocked.)
Private: What? Did you miss a spot?
Kowalski: No. We were... very thorough. (gags)
(Private sees he lost half his feathers and is hairy. Private screams in horror, scaring birds.)

Rico: (repeated line) Movie day!

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