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  • (The lemurs see the penguins.)
  • Maurice: Since when did we get four Ricos?
  • Julien: Wait, what? How come did nobody tell me it was impressionation Tuesday? I call I get to be Maurice! (stretches his ears, while chuckling, clears his throat, and speaks in a low gruff voice.)
  • Julien: (imitating Maurice) Eh, hey everybody. Eh, stop having fun, because I'm bored. And you should be bored too. Heh-heh.
  • Maurice: (insulted) I do not talk like that!
  • Julien: (in a monotone voice) Yes. You. Do.
  • Maurice: Now that's just your robot voice.
  • Julien: (still in monotone voice) End. Transmission.
  • Mort: And I be the King Julien which means... (looks at his own feet) The feet! (struggles to hug his feet)
  • Marlene: (after the fish on a arrow sticks on a rock) Oh, kabob
  • Roy: (arrow hit Roy in the butt while he wasn't looking) Yooooowwww (Rico hides the arrows to avoid getting in trouble)
  • Rico (exhausted from the work he put up to protect his friends) No... Fish
  • (Coincidentally Rico Realizes he's in a fish factory)
  • Rico: (Now Irritated) Are you kidding me.
  • The penguins except Rico: Fish
  • (Rico looks at a fake giant fish) Rico: Fiiiiishh (Penguins turn around shout fish and go after it)
  • Rico: Yeah, yeah, yeah go ahead, suckers

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