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One Sentence Summary

When Private, Skipper and Kowalski eat herring that cause them to suffer from a brain disorder, It's up to to Rico to stop them from eating any more fish or they'll stay like that forever!


While building a ship in a bottle, Rico realizes that they're missing one piece. Despairing that he can't complete the ship, Skipper has Private's ears covered while he uses his "angry words".

The penguins go to Phil and Mason to get the manufacturer's address for some well-deserved payback. Phil insists that there are no missing pieces. Their model is a Norwegian fishing vessel which sunk 100 years ago in the New York Bay with a catch of brined herring and the breach in the hull was designed that way. The team then sets off to locate the actual wreck via submarine and succeeds in yielding a crate of century-old fish, which Skipper, Kowalski, and Private rapidly consume the contents of as Rico struggles and fails to get to eat some himself.

When they return to their HQ, Rico opens up a can of sardines. Then suddenly, Private starts lunging for the sardines like a crazed maniac. Restraining him, Kowalski realizes that aged herring induces a 24-hour fish-craving psychotic state (prompting Rico to claim that that was his thing, and Skipper to say that they didn't need another one of those), called Bacterial Pisces Dementia, which threatens to become permanent if any further fish is consumed before the condition wears off. Worse yet, Skipper and Kowalski succumb to it as well. Rico then works to prevent his teammates from eating any more fish, including keeping them away from feeding time, a truckload of fish and a fish factory. He tricks them into eating a statue of a fish, which took them the whole day until they return to normal. Back at the HQ, Rico is awarded with a Smoked Alaskan Salmon for facing danger in the face of himself times three.


Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

  • This episode was aired in Catalonia, Spain on May 20, 2011

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