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Kowalski: I've uh... come up with some options. Anybody wanna hear them?
(Rico grunts okay)
Private: Okay, why not?

King Julien: What is all the commotion? I was having a dream where I was the
             last mammal on Earth.
Mort: Was I in it?
King Julien: Yes, but you were roadkill.
Mort: But I was in it!

Skipper: Come on, men. Let's leave this to the tiny dancer, and get us some
King Julien: My ghost mojo is working! Can you feel it?

King Julien: Obviously, this is a new ghost, since the old ghost was just eliminated
             by me, your king.
Skipper: Your little song and dance did bubkes!
King Julien: Oh? And what did you do? Double bubkes! So shut up.

Skipper: Talk to me, Kowalski.
Kowalski: These readings are off the charts!
Skipper: Well, get bigger charts then. Take it out of petty cash.

Skipper: It's knock-knock time, Rico.
(Rico spits out a lit stick of dynamite)
Marlene: Isn't this kinda, um... extreme?
Skipper: No, two sticks of dynamite would be extreme. This'll just let the
         specter know we mean business.

Julien: Fine. Have at it. You will come back begging and I will say... Maybe
        I help. But maybe not!

Kowalski: Lucky break you went down there to rescue Marlene, isn't it, Skipper?
Skipper: Actually, I didn't so much rescue Marlene so much as...
Marlene: Hmm?
Skipper: Well, let's just say if I'm ever caught in a swirling current of 
         raw sewage, I hope that Marlene is by my side.
Marlene: Awww, that's so sweet... I think.

Roger: So the Friedman's youngest, Benny, picks me up on vacation in Florida.
Private: Uh-huh.
Roger: They were visiting their Nana in Tampa, but that's neither here nor
Private: Uh-huh.
Roger: I was just a baby at the time, but you change, you grow... next thing
       I know, I'm flushed down the toilet.
Kowalski: Fascinating.
Roger: Actually, it's not as bad as it seems.

Mort: But I don't want to go into the haunted place!
King Julien: Be brave, Mort, like me.
Roger: (pokes his head out) Hello!
(The lemurs run away screaming)
Roger: What's the matter with the guy in the funny hat?
Skipper: I wish I knew, Roger. I wish I knew.

Kowalski: According to rumors, the previous occupant of this habitat did
Private: ...under mysterious circumstances!
Marlene: He was transfered to Toledo.
Mort: (scared) Toledo?
(All look scared)
Skipper: (holding a flashlight under his face) Ohio!
(Mort screams and runs away, slamming into a wall)

Skipper: It's some kind of monster from the darkest abyss!

Mort: (cradling Julien's ankles) What if it was a ghost?
King Julien: Then you can touch the ghost's feet!

Marlene: You guys ever knock, or...?
Kowalski: Such pleasantries would only slow us down.
Private: We do pride ourselves on a rapid response.

Kowalski: It appears the ghostly death rattle is coming from your own
          respiratory system.
Marlene: Uh, yeah, of course. Can anybody spit it out in English?
(Rico lies down and snores)
Marlene: Snoring? I don't snore.
(Skipper plays back the tape of Marlene snoring)
Skipper: Mystery solved. You spooked yourself.
Marlene: That wasn't the scary sound.
Skipper: Oh, come on. It's bloodcurdling!

Skipper: We are in the mysterious realm of the specter.
Marlene: It's a sewer.
Skipper: "Haunted" sewer.

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