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  • Hasn't got a Danish accent. It has yet to be identified what accent he has, but it certainly isn't Danish. The captions said the it was German. His name is German and in the German version it was changed to Lars which is a Scandinavian name.
  • Hans has a soft spot too, seen in Smotherly Love when Ma plays dead, proven when he said "even a miscreant like myself doesn't hurt sweet mama ladies".also in Huffin and Puffin when he cries because he is homeless.
  • Hans made Skipper Denmark Public enemy #1.
  • Had lived in the Hoboken Zoo as Skipper describes it "a disease-riddled cesspool".
  • Almost took over the Penguin HQ.
  • Although he never said his name or mentioned anything about puffins, Skipper mentioned Denmark and the Danes in Launchtime and Cat's Cradle.
  • Hans appeared in the special The Hoboken Surprise with Savio, Rhonda, Lulu, and Clemson.
  • In The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, he considers Skipper "My old frenemy." It is unknown if he was referring to helping Skipper during The Hoboken Surprise, or if the two had worked together before the event at Denmark, though it's probably an other word for "old foe" since he also called skipper "old chum".
  • Hans is very similar to Savio: Both briefly capture all of the penguins, both are deceptive and intelligent, both pretend to be innocent before being revealed to be evil, both speak in foreign accents, and both were sent to or were at The Hoboken Zoo.
  • It is possible Hans was "fired" in The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole as the scene cuts as Dr. Blowhole fires the Mind Jacker at him. However, he was still working on Dr. Blowhole.
  • He is possibly an Atlantic puffin.
  • He was mistaken as a duck by Marlene in Huffin and Puffin
  • He is one of the main antagonists in season 3 along with Officer X
  • He's mentioned in Operation: Big Blue Marble and Showdown on Fairway 18.
  • Technically, the penguins have only defeated Hans 2 times, in Huffin and Puffin and Best Foes. He was defeated by King Julien in Action Reaction, and mama possum in Smotherly Love.
  • Even though it sounds like Dee Bradley Baker doing the voice for Hans, it's not. This is most likely due to the fact that Dee Bradley Baker voiced Heinrich von Marzipan, a German character who sounds similar to Hans.
  • Hans resemblance to Puffin from a Non-Disney film The Swan Princess,
  • Hans is most likely an Atlantic Puffin but has never flown in the show like Atlantic Puffins

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