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  • Ah, Skipper, all these years and you haven't missed a step.
  • I came to see you, My Old Foe.
  • Why dwell on the past? Can we not be friends now?
  • I like festive hats and clams.

Conversations involving Him

Huffin and Puffin

Private: Sooo what was it that happened in Denmark anyway?
Hans: Ooooo It is such a long story with so many twists and chases and 
      explosions! Ha Ha! You wouldn't be interested! (leaves)
Private: No l would really!

 Hans: (Outside the penguins base, trying to gain Skipper's friendship) Skipper! I have brought you a hand drawn greeting card! It says 'Roses are red. Posies are green. Sorry about Denmark. I was too mean. Your pal, Hans.' (Skipper comes out and shreds the card).

Hans: (While they are fighting) You cannot win skipper! I am fueled with a 
       boiling hate!, a raging fury!
Skipper: And a babbling beak! (Smacked Hans with a fish)
Hans: (gets back up) You should know that i kissed your sister ON THE LIPS!
Skipper: I don't have a sister and if l did she wouldn't have lips.
Hans: Really? then who did l kiss? ergh! (smacked again with a fish)

The return of the revenge of doctor blowhole

Skipper: The dim sum of all fears... (opens crate)

Hans: There is so dim sum dum dum!

Skipper: Hans!

Hans: Ah Skipper, my old friendemie.

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