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Hair Apparent Title

Scene I: The Penguin Habitat

The penguins are seen pretending to be starving to death.

McSlade: Good heavens Alice! What are you feeding those penguins?
Alice: Ten fish a day.

The Commissioner makes a surprised look.

Alice: What? They're fine!

The scene cuts back to the penguins, still pretending to be hungry.

McSlade: Look at them, they're wasting away! I want their feed up to fifteen fish a day! Each!

The penguins stop and are surprised.

Alice: Each?! That's not in the budget!
McSlade: Well, I'm lunching with the mayor right after this inspection. I'll get that fish money if it's the last thing I do. Those poor penguins deserve it.

Pervis McSlade walks off.

Alice: (running after him) But... commissioner!

The penguins stop pretending.

Skipper: Well played men! Especially you Rico! That panther rattle really clinched it!
Rico: (blushes) Aww, ya!

(To Be Continued)

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