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Sentence Summary

The zoosters think King Julien has caused sweet old lady Gladys to slip and hurt herself, thus cutting off the special treats she brings for them, but Skipper's never wrong gut says otherwise.


Against Alice's prohibition, a woman named Gladys sneaks various snacks to the zoo animals, as she had done previously. The animals all appreciate her, except for the lemurs, who Gladys believes are cats and are given cat food. When Gladys slips on a mango pit in front of the lemur habitat and hurts her arm, Julien is faulted by the other animals for throwing the pit into her path. They then seek to punish him by allowing Kowalski to use his "Rump-Whomper" device to spank him on midnight. All the while, Skipper's gut—literally, through grumbling—keeps telling him that Julien is innocent, and he seeks to clear the lemur of any wrongdoing. The penguins question everyone in the zoo and all evidence and testimony implicates Julien. The lemur king tries getting his subjects to take the fall for him, albeit, poorly. Ultimately, Skipper concludes that his gut is wrong and starts arguing with it.

Before midnight comes, Kowalski plays a video footage of his invention to show Private that his last invention was a failure but his "Rump-Whomper" would totally work out perfectly. As Kowalski, Rico and Private left without Skipper, Skipper noticed the evidence through the video footage Kowalski left playing in the television. Briskly, Skipper went to reveal the truth to the other zoo animals that Julien is innocent and the proof is in the footage.

In the end, Skipper takes the punishment for Julien after determining through video that he had inadvertently set off a chain of events that led to the pit landing in Gladys' path proving that Skipper's gut is right. Instead, all the other zoo animals who accused Julien were spanked by the "Rump-Whomper" and the episode ends with the penguins after being spanked talking about the ordeal.


Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

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