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Jeff Bennett and John DiMaggio - The Bus Called Graveyard Eight01:05

Jeff Bennett and John DiMaggio - The Bus Called Graveyard Eight

Live Version

♫ Pull up a seat, and set a spell, ♪
♪ While this spooky tale I relate, ♪
♪ 'Bout the meanest mess of steel and wheels, ♪
♪ Man ever did create. ♪
♪ The bus called Graveyard Eight! ♪

Rico (in Rico-ese):
♪ The bus called Graveyard Eight! ♪

(Regurgitates bus toy) Ooooh!

♪ Runs midnight to dawn, no driver in sight, ♪
♪ Fuelled by evil incarnate, ♪
♪ Never slowin' down as it prowls the town, ♪
♪ Plowing animals down to their fate. ♪
♪ Better RUN from Graveyard Eight! ♪

Rico (in Rico-ese):
♪ Better run from Graveyard Eight! ♪
(A toy unicorn, a rubber duckie and a bunny doll are regurgitated by Rico) Lookout!
(Rico runs over the toys with the bus) Aw!

♪ So hear and fear, and keep the kids clear, ♪
♪ Of this express to the Pearly Gates... ♪

♪ It got two of my uncles and six of my cousins. ♪
♪ And they were all from upstate. ♪
(pause, everyone stares at Fred.) True story.

Kowalski & Rico:
♪ The bus called Graveyard Eight! Yah! ♫


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