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Episode based

  • This is Chuck Charles' biggest role to date in the series. Like before (and like Skipper during his 'news anchor delusion' in Command Crisis) he reports everything he does, starting with "This is Chuck Charles, live..."
  • This is the only appearance of Pete Peters, apparently a huge rival of Chuck Charles. Like Chuck, his first name is an abbreviation of his last name.
  • The video montage sequence captured onto the CD includes scenes from (in order), Private and the Winky Factory, Badger Pride, Love Hurts, P.E.L.T., Over Phil, Brain DrainLaunchtime and Cute-Astrophe.
  • Rico dances ballet. And none of the penguins were aware of this up till it appeared on the CD's montage.
  • The Amnesia Spray appears again, still contained in a ketchup bottle, leading to some confusion at the end of the episode. Poor Kowalski.
  • The food launcher utilised by Alice in Brain Drain is still around, and gets misused by Kowalski and Private to fire litter throughout the zoo. It gets destroyed in the process again.
  • The penguins' jetpacks appear once more.
  • Officer X returns again, in Times Square for some reason, and still a raving maniac.
  • Skipper was quite fine with Chuck's replacement, so long as Scooter Alverez remained as the Sports anchor.
  • Conversely, Private, ever the fanboy, points out that Chuck has always been there for them "giving us the big news we can use!". In actual fact, much of the news reported by Chuck often either is related to the penguins or soon will implicate them anyway.
  • During one of the penguins' attempts to create newsworthy stories, they put Mort in their car. Needless to say, Mort can't drive. If you thought Rico was a bad driver...
  • This is the last episode of Season 3 production wise.
  • Like before, Skipper always blames Private for not telling them to help (even though he did though this could be to hide his shame in front of the boys)
  • Antagonist: Chuck Charles, Skipper (for not listening to Private and eventually blamed him for not telling them about the pity missson)

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