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Episode based

  • The bags for the new food have a picture of Private holding a fish on them.
  • It costs $2.00 to feed the penguins fish biscuits.
  • Rico can usually eat anything - but he cannot stomach the fish substitutes.
  • The penguins have a projector screen in their habitat. They project slides using a flashlight.
  • The Penguins went on holiday to somewhere with sandy beaches, crabs, Hawaiian leis and great white sharks.
  • Skipper's bathing suit is purple with neon green and pink flowers on it. Private's is yellow with orange shapes, with arm floaties.
  • The fish delivery truck's license plate is a New York plate that expires in October 09. The plate reads "FSH E1" ("Fishy One").
  • This is the first appearance of Pinky the flamingo and the Flamingo Habitat.
  • Kowalski hides inside a hot dog cart and refers to himself with the codename "Wiener 1".
  • Kowalski has a video surveillance monitor inside his sardine gadget. The actual camera is in another sardine can strapped to Pinky's belly.
  • The target was on 23rd street.
  • Kowalski uses his flippers as knives to cut the cords for the street light.
  • Rico and Private are known by the code-names "Prairie Dog Red and "Prairie Dog Blue".
  • The other delivery truck they end up in is the "K-9 Security" truck and has a yellow logo with a bulldog wearing a spiked collar on it.
  • The target turned right on Broadway (an actual street in New York).
  • The crates of real fish have the number 17 on the side of them and a blue fish silhouette.
  • This is the first time Rico's voice becomes normal for a split second.
  • Antagonist(s): King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Pinky at the end of the episode.

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