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Skipper: Commence adorable high-jinks now! Go, go go!
Kowalski: Executing waddling with strange yet oddly-endearing body shakes.
Private: Pretending to lose my balance and face-plant into the pool now.
Skipper: I got belly sliding duty. Let's make it extra cute and cuddly 
         today, boys.

Skipper: How's the catch of the day, men?
Private: Looks fishy, Skipper.
Skipper: Fish are supposed to look fishy.
Kowalski: No, I think he means "fishy".
Skipper: Good "fishy" or bad "fishy"?
Private: [Shows Skipper the fish-shaped soy cakes] Definitely bad "fishy".

Rico: [Weakly] Fish... fish!
Kowalski: 67 hours without the succulent, salty tang of the sea. [Rico's eye is bloodshot] He can't 
          take much more.
Skipper: [with determination on his face] Neither can I.                            

Skipper: I want confirmation that there is food in that truck.
[Private and Rico are inside a K-9 unit truck]
Private: Affirmative, but it looks like the food is us!

Kowalski: This is Wiener One. Are we aborting mission? Repeat, are we aborting
Skipper: Gentlemen, we are penguins. We have a natural need to feed on the
         fruits of the sea. That's the way Mama Nature built us. Now who wants
         to spit in the eye of Mama Nature? [No one speaks] That's what I 
         thought. We are go for operation!

Skipper: Kowalski, adorability readings.
Kowalski: The readings show that the audience's adulation for our adorable 
          antics is reaching optimum levels.
Skipper: Then hit them with the tail wags. No mercy!
[Penguins wag tails, audience aw]
Skipper: And cease tail wagging now! Always leave them wanting more.

Private: (after getting crates full of fish) We have enough fish to last forever!
Rico: (happy) Fish! Fish! (opera voice) FIIIIIIIIIISH!

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