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  • The palms of her paws are shaped like hearts.
  • She wears a blue necklace.
  • Gia was always a possible love interest for Alex, in fact, originally she was Italian, an albino jaguar kept in a gilded cage in the Monte Carlo casino. The directors decided that it would be better for the story if Alex met her in the circus, she is also now colored like a regular jaguar, but her spots have a subtle flower pattern.
  • Gia is loosely based off of Sophia Loren.
  • While Gia was originally going to be Latina, the filmmakers decided to have her be Italian instead.
  • Despite the fact that it started out as Alex teaching her to trapeze, it turns out that she is way better than him on her first try.
  • Like the lions and Vitaly, Gia has five fingers on each paw.
  • Alex and Gia's love theme, "Love Always Comes as a Surprise" was originally going to be used for Julien and Sonya, but the filmmakers found a better song for them and used this one for Alex and Gia.
  • When Alex states "What are we, five?" and Gia replies "Si, I am five! Yes!" it is unknown if she is actually five, though completely plausible as being five years old she is 36 in cat years.
  • Gia almost wasn't Alex's girl. Originally she was going to be a french lioness named Gigi, eventually the plans changed and Gia was born.

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