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  • (To Alex) You are really circus?
  • They're circus, circus sticks together.
  • (practicing her tricks) Ladies and gentleman, presenting Gia, the trapeze flying jaguar. And here she goes, the triple flip roll with a double leap.
  • (to Alex when he fell down from the paper wall) Were you spying on me?
  • Look, Lion Guy. This circus means everything to us. And if you do anything that threatens this circus, you will have to answer to me, capisce?
  • Fur Power!
  • Vitaly, I may not trust this lion, either, but I am tired of sitting and standing and rolling over.
  • You know our circus is in trouble. This could be our last chance. But we will not do this without you.
  • (to Alex) I admire how you have inspired us, And what you said about passion. It was like poetry. Trapeze is my passion. You can teach me?
  • (to Alex, who jokingly asks, "What are we, five?") I am five, yes!
  • (to Alex, at the start of the trapeze lesson) So when do we get the jet packs and aquatic cobras?
  • (To Alex) Ok, how do we begin?
  • You need a push? (to Alex, before starting trapeze, to which Alex says, "No." Gia giggles at that.)
  • (after the circus performance in London) Wow! Gia and Alex, the trapezing cats. You will flip and I will catch. And sometimes I will flip and you will catch. And then we will travel the whole world flipping and catching.
  • (To Alex, reading the paper Dubois dropped about Alex still missing from the zoo) Alex, you're from a zoo?
  • (To Alex) After all we've been through together, you want to go live in a zoo?
  • (To Alex) And Trapeze Americano, you made that up too?
  • (in anger) Ooohhh! Jet packs and aquatic cobras! I should have known!
  • (to Alex) We trusted you.
  • (To Vitaly) And what do I do? Go back to sitting and standing and rolling over?
  • We have to help them! (After finding out that Alex and his friends were ambushed)
  • Circus stick together. (to Alex after saving him being killed by Dubois)
  • (to Stefano while Vitaly was trying to save him) Go Stefano! Climb!
  • Let's do it! (when teaming up with Alex to save Stefano from Dubois by doing Trapeze Americano)

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