This is a listing of the games available on-line. If you play one of these games, please remember to leave a note on the discussion tab letting us know which game you played and how you did. Enjoy.


Arctic Boot Camp Blitz

Bag Bonk (AD)

Bottled Up

Candy Cannoneers

Danger Dodger

Flightplan (AD)

Gull Grabber Game

Hurk Hurl Kaboom

Jingle Brawl

Julien Boogie

Know Your Nemesis

Mission 1: You Only Spout Once

Mission 2: Moonflipper

Mission 3: Quantum of Porpoise

Mission 4: The Zoo Is Not Enough

Nick Racers

Nuts for Peanuts Game

Oh Snow You Didn't!

Operation Ice Fish

Parachute Pummel

Personality Quiz

Pollution Solution

Private Panic Game

Race For The Zoo Cup

Skipper Skidoo

Snowman Command

Sub Zero Heroes

Super Brawl

Super Brawl Summer

The Devious Dr. Blowhole

The Rise of Blowhole

Treasures of the Golden Squirrel

Whack-a-Mort Game

Clubhouse on NICK

On Other sites



Madagascar Official Site

Lots of Games and fun on this site.

  • Character Info
  • Videos
  • Downloads (Wallpaper, Buddy Icons, Email Signatures)
  • Air Penguin
  • Various Activities
  • Air Penguin Flight School
  • Spot the Difference
  • Operation: Tourist Trap
  • Alex's Dance Fight
  • Shake it, Shake it
  • Flex Flex, Moto Moto
  • Whack A Part
  • Where's Marty
  • Mobile Game
  • Activison Video Game


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