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  • Don't strain yourself. (first line)
  • My baby's alive! (Upon reuniting with her son)
  • It was not your fault. (to Zuba) Your father did everything he could. He tracked those hunters for weeks, far off the reserve. (to Alex)
  • We thought they'd killed you. (to Alex)
  • All right, all right, you boys better be careful. Now watch out before you break something.
  • Zuba, you better give him his Foofie!
  • Come on, baby, make Mama proud! Whoo!
  • Teetsi?! Why did he pick Teetsi?
  • Is he dancing? I know that boy is not dancing! (watching Alex during his Right of Passage ceremony)
  • Ya gonna mope around like this day?
  • Don't "hmph" me!
  • Listen, Zuba, a miracle happened, our son came back to us. How come that is not enough for you?
  • We lost him once, Zuba. Let's not lose him again.
  • What do you want, Makunga?
  • Zuba! Alakay! You're back! I am so glad you're safe!

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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