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Skipper: Remember the rules of engagement boys. We only use violence if absolutely necessary. Or if I say so.

Ad Man: Hey, I got a tagline for this. 'Killer Commando Penguins!' It sells itself!
Ad Lady #1: Hey look! This pudgy one's got toilet paper stuck to his foot!
(all laughing. Skipper's eyes widen)
Ad Lady #1: Pudgy Penguins Perform! I LOVE IT!
Skipper: Sweep... and clear...
(Skipper takes out all three humans by himself)
Skipper: (hefts his overweight belly) For the record... that's all muscle.

Computer: File Sent.
Kowalski: And so it goes to the print shop.
Private: Only now with the caption 'Killer Commando Penguins'!
Skipper: (beat) I'd go to that zoo.

Printer Man: Alright, 10,000 copies should do it. Hey, what's that stuck to his foot? (laughs)
Skipper: (eyes narrowed) Humiliate him...

Skipper: Slow it down, Kowalski! They're coming out too fast!
Kowalski: Right... (looks at the complicated controls) You know what, I am not even going to pretend this will work. (presses random button. Predictably the press speeds up)

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