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One Sentence Summary

When King Julien is bounced out of his kingdom, an elderly woman thinks he is a cat and adopts him.


Accidentally bounced out of the zoo from his bounce house, Julien is carried away by a bus he lands on top of. After jumping off, he is soon picked up off the street by a woman named Gladys, who thinks he is a cat and brings him to her home. As the penguins, Maurice, and Mort begin a rescue mission, Julien is introduced to Gladys' other "cat," a ferret named Zoe who plays to Gladys' misconception in order to receive free meals and avoid returning to life on the streets. Though she shows no interest in him, Julien repetitively seeks Zoe's affection, which only serves to annoy her to the point of rigging a scratching post to eject Julien out the window. She winds up accidentally ejecting herself while demonstrating the scratching post's use to Julien, but is casually rescued as the penguins, Maurice, and Mort arrive. Julien then tells them that he is now domesticated and wishes to remain with his love, but Private convinces Julien to return to the zoo lest Mort take over as king.


Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

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