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Elmer first appears in the episode Street Smarts, where he wondered upon the Lemurs, who were walking in the park, and chased them, thinking that they are cats. Julien sacrifices Mort to escape, throwing him in the face of Elmer. The penguins are sent in to retrieve Mort only to find that they are playing and have become friends. Elmer mistakenly thinks that Mort is a squeaky toy and not a cat nor a lemur. The penguins negotiated for Mort to come back to the zoo, after Kowalski says that they could schedule a play date tomorrow. Elmer agreed but than decided for the play date today and snatches Mort out of the penguins flippers and escapes into the city. Elmer took Mort to his home, and showed him his stuff there. The penguins finally found them there with the help of Max. After a distract-and-grab tactic, which Max was the distraction, failed, Max rescued the penguins by distracting Elmer again by making him angry and was pursued. The penguins meet up with Elmer and Max again in Central Park during a funeral service for Max, which they find out have become good friends since they both are living on the streets. Max lied to Elmer that he is a lemur instead of a cat.

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