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Julien: Why is the blue sky not sky-bluish?
Mason: Somebody made the sky spirits very very angry.
Julien: Yeah? I wonder who that?

Private: Skipper, something's wrong with the sun.
Skipper: He finally did it!
Private: Who did what?
Skipper: My mad dolphin nemesis, Dr. Blowhole! He blew out the sun!
Kowalski: Actually, according to my calculations, it is the rare cosmic event
          known as a solar eclipse.
Rico: (with a fish in his beak) Huh?
Skipper: Are you sure it's not the crazed handiwork of my marine mammal foe?
Kowalski: It's totally natural. (shows clipboard of an eclipse) The moon is between the Earth and the sun...
          Ooh, it's a total eclipse! Wow! Are you as totally stoked about 
          this as I am? (beat) Uh, it should only last a few minutes.

Julien: (to Private) You are the nicest guy around here. Make me be nice! I command you!
Private: That wasn't very nice.
Julien: Then you are failing already!

Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: I'm picking up good vibrations.

Skipper: That's it! No more Mister Nice Guy.
Private: For you or Julien?
Skipper: Whatever works.

Skipper: Uh-oh. Sounds like the sky spirits are trying to send you a message.
Julien: But I am being extra crazy nice.
Skipper: New York sky spirits are fickle pickles.

Mason: King Julien, you are truly inspiring.
Julien: Oh, I know, it is from the dancing.
Mason: Yes, well about that, we were just talking to the sky spirits...
Julien: Word up. The sky spirits love me. Peace out, sky spirits! Uh, wait, 
        wait, wait. Uh, conversing?
Mason: Indeed. Phil translates, actually. [to Phil] Begin countdown. [back to 
       Julien] Anyway they are about to send you a message... right about... 

Julien: Just waiting for you to roll over so I can fluff up your pillow.
Skipper: Not necessary.
Julien: It's okay, I'm prepared to stay all night.
Skipper: I like a hard pillow.
Julien: Oh, I could be your pillow. My bottom is very soft and plushy, you 

Mason: Ah, Sunday morning.
Julien: Sunday morning? Uh-uh, no! It is still Saturday night, baby! The sky
        spirits told me.
Mason: Sky spirits?
Julien: Yes. They give me signs because I am the king. See that cloud up 
        there? It says to me "party with the pansies."
Mason: Chim-panzees, and we were enjoing a quiet morning, if you don't mind.
Julien: Oh, I do mind. That cloud up there says party time, so it's 
        time to party, mister. Mort, crank up that crazy conga rhythm!
(Mort turns up the boom box)
Mason: Oh, please, not conga.

Mason: He must be stopped before he congas again.
[Phil shows Mason a newspaper headline]
Mason: A solar eclipse? What does that have to do with King Dancy Pants?
[Phil signs]
Mason: The sky spirits, you say? Phil, that is positively diabolical. Lovely. 

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