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  • ◾The first The Penguins of Madagascar special which is 30 minutes
  • ◾This marks the first appearance of Dr Blowhole who is voiced by Neil Patrick Haris

Episode based

  • The reporter at the Arctic, Chuck Charles, can't swim, he also calls the Ring of Fire a Hoop of Heat.
  • The flying mechanisms from "Penguiner Takes All" make an appearance. a soda bottle with wings.
  • When Dr. Blowhole shows flashbacks about Skipper and Julien together, two flashbacks are from Assault & Batteries and another from Crown Fools.
  • When Mort is riding the subway, he is in either a R62 or a R62A car, which are used on the 1, 3, 7 and Times Square Shuttle lines.
  • This episode is featured in 2 DVDs making it the first episode to do so. (Operation: DVD Premiere and POM: Operation: Blowhole (DVD))
  • Antagonist(s): Dr. Blowhole and King Julien from when he talks to Dr. Blowhole until he says "I am a good guy spy".
  • dolphins can breathe longer so Dr. Blowhole can breathe a little longer when the vanilla cream snack cake is stuck on his blowhole.
  • Skipper believes the most villainous thing Blowhole could do is cut off the peanut butter winky supply line
  • There is a gag where Skipper says: "You fiend, you've cut off the peanut butter winky supply line." & Blowhole says, "What, no, but somebody write that down." & a lobster trys to pick up a pencil to write it down, but keeps losing it because of his pincers snapping it.
  • Kowalski traced "salty sea air, roller coaster grease & all beef wiener... with mustard." & Skipper translated it into "Coney Island."

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode aired as a 30-minute special.
  • It is episode 48/49 of season 1 (a special 2 part episode that aired in 1 installment)
  • It is sometimes referred to as Operation: Blowhole

DVD Releases

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