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Dr Blowhole: You'll appreciate this, Kowalski. I've installed a layer-theater system, high definition with surround sound. Exre-e-emely spendy.
Kowalski: (slightly angry) Oh, why do the bad guys always get the good stuff?

Man: MY CAR!!!

After Dr. Blowhole and Julien stop laughing maniacally...

Julien: Question: why are we laughing?
Dr. Blowhole: Question: how did the prisoner escape?!

(Julien leaps on him.)

Julien: Prisoner escaped?!? Is he dangerous?
Dr. Blowhole: (annoyed) No, and apparently, he isn't very bright.

Dr. Blowhole: I am so glad you could all join me to witness history. I am, of course, especially pleased that my fli-i-i-ghtless foes graced us with their presence.
Skipper: (annoyed) Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Private: There's nothing good on Telly tonight anyway.
Dr. Blowhole (hovering over Private): Well, Private, here's a little show I whipped up. It's called...
Computer Voice: Ring of Fire.
Dr. Blowhole: It is fitting that I returned to the very aqua theater where I performed tricks for the duller humans. Oh, how it made me bitter.
Private: Sorry. Did he say "bitter" or "better"?
Skipper: Hard to say; the sound really bounces around in here.
Kowalski: No, that would be the high ceilings.
Dr. Blowhole: My humiliation in the Ring of Fire became my inspiration. In the Frozen North, we've constructed a vast circle of certainly surprising devices that tap into the heat of the Earth's core. 

Four drill-like devices break through the ice, glowing.

Skipper: Oh, come on.

(Dr. Blowhole zooms over to Skipper.)

Dr. Blowhole: Do you mind? I'm just getting to the good part! It's re-e-aly quite a shocker.
Skipper: It's so obvious. Humiliated by the humans...
Private: ...activate the Ring of Fire...
Kowalski: ...melt the Arctic...

Rico babbles.

Skipper: Well, how did we do, punk?
Dr. Blowhole: (slightly surprised) You're... in the ball park.

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