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Dode is a dodo bird that first appears in Endangerous Species, where one of his feathers in the Museum was retrieved by the penguins and cloned it to bring him back. Dode has a dare-devil personality, putting himself in front of danger in the process and getting himself killed. After the Cloning Machine's power source is lost, all the Dode's remaining were the last ones. Julien was able to save the last Dode, and the penguins came up with an idea of bringing him back too the Museum and posting him with a fake Dodo using the theme of an ultimate staring contest. Dode accepts and stays their until he beats the fake one, keeping himself out of danger in the process.


Dode is a incorrigible daredevil, but unlike most daredevils, he has no fear to the point to stupidity, refusing to take safety precautions. This makes for some very comical moments that end in his unfortunate demise. He is also cocky and rude and doesn't listen to Skipper.

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