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King Julien the Terrible is a character from All Hail King Julien.

Long ago, he ruled the kingdom of Madagascar with fear and intimidation, which nearly caused the genocide of the lemur species (and possibly other animals as well). Luckily, the people fought back and trapped his tail under a rock in a dark cave.

Decades later, he would be known as a monster called the Gorch and the lemurs would throw fruit at him so he wouldn't terrorize the kingdom and escape the cave. The fruit kept him to survive, but his tail was too strong for him to cut off.

King Julien the Thirteenth, Clover, Maurice and Mort found him and Julien put him into his royal counsel. Terrible got them to free him by passing himself off as a lemur called "Doc Sugarfoot". Soon enough, Terrible used his metaphors (which made no sense at all) to win the hearts of the other lemurs except for Julien, Mort, Maurice and Clover. Julien got fed up with Terrible's showing off and not letting Julien do his job, so they challenged each other to an election.

During the election, Terrible started making up lies and spreading rumors about Julien saying that he's incompetent, cruel and pathetic, giving Terrible a lead in the polls.

Clover and Maurice discovered the truth about Terrible and were about to go warn the others, but Terrible decided to silence them by having them get crushed by a boulder.

At the debate, Terrible easily amazes the lemurs by giving a speech with three random words while Julien gave a sincere heartfelt speech (but got ignored). At the last minute, Clover and Maurice arrived and told everyone the truth about Terrible, but even though they knew the truth, they still elected him anyways.

Just as Terrible was about to begin his reign of tyranny one again, he got struck by lightning and turned into ashes, killing him. Leaving Julien as King again. He later appeared in For Whom the Bell Gods Toll as an urn full of his ashes as King Julien faces trial in the afterlife then as a ghost on The Day Before Tomorrow along with the others that King Julien 'killed'.


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