A Scandinavian country in Northern Europe.


  • Launchtime -- When the penguins want to take a break from the lemurs, the Speak and Spell computer suggests Denmark as one of two only locations without the presence of lemurs. Skipper replies that he can't set foot there.
  • Cat's Cradle -- When Officer X makes his first appearance on security footage and Private calls him a "scary man," Skipper quietly agrees with that notion by stating his belief that the Animal Control officer was from Denmark, and that country might've finally tracked the lead penguin down because "those Danes really know how to hold a grudge!" But luckily for him, he was mistaken.
  • Huffin and Puffin -- It's revealed that Hans framed Skipper with an incident in Copenhagen (the capital city of Denmark) for an unspecified crime (probably involving explosions), making Skipper Denmark's Public Enemy Number One.
    • The title card also featured a map of the country.
  • Cute-Astrophe -- When Alice wanted to send the penguins to Copenhagen, much to Skipper's fear.
  • Herring Impaired -- When Mason and Phil give out the name of the ship S.S. Fiskelukt, Skipper contemptuously assumes it was from Denmark. But the chimps help clarify the nation of origin as Norway, bringing Skipper's mind at ease.
  • Love Takes Flightless -- When the penguins attempt to break into the Danish embassy via the sewers to clear Skipper's name from the criminal history of Denmark, only to blow a hole close to the Ostrich Habitat, due to faulty mapping on Kowalski's part.
  • Smotherly Love -- Hans is said by Skipper to be Denmark's Most Wanted Puffin.
  • Skipper Makes Perfect -- When the penguins break into the Danish embassy, this time with a more accurate location.


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