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Episode based

  • The penguins are revealed to be comic book geeks.
  • This is the Vesuvius Twins' first appearance in the series.
  • The penguins and King Julien were different heroes (and villains):
    • Private is named Steel Penguin and wears the robot suit that he wore in Untouchable.
    • Kowalski is named The Throbbing Cerebellum.
    • Rico is named Barf Bag (though Kowalski thinks it should be Wonder Tum).
    • Skipper is named Slappy Hurt-Punch.
    • King Julien is the comic book villain, The Masked Booty (with the mask on his booty.
  • Rico gazes at several comic covers with female heroines.
  • Kowalski's mobile has all of Skippers greatest enemies. Dr. Blowhole, Hans, and a Hippie. Skipper rips off the cutout of Hans & punches it while Private says it seems cute when he's dreaming about vanquishing his enemies
  • Running Gags:
    • Private saying his super-hero-alter-ego's catchphrase, "Stop being naughty!"
    • Someone laughing at Skipper's alter-ego name because of "Slappy". (King Julien, Kowalski)
    • Rico vomits up a grenade, and "My car!" happens again.
  • Maurice's "sound effect cards":
    • BLAM: When Skipper slaps King Julien in the face
    • POW: When Skipper kicks King Julien's booty
    • KRACK-A-KOWIE: When Skipper head-butts King Julien's stomach
    • RETIREMENT: When Julien quits being the super-villain
  • Antagonist: Vesuvius Twins (at the beginning), The Throbbing Cerebellum, Barf Bag, and Steel Penguin (all at the climax), Bada and Bing (both for brief moments), and The Masked Booty (the true antagonist)

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • If Skipper is asleep & cannot tell about the other penguins' actions, how does he know when Kowalski has his mobile up with the presence of cardboard cutouts of his enemies.
  • When the animals are agreeing on getting snow cones, the cape isn't stuck to Kowalski's foot.

Behind the Scenes

  • Nick was supposed to air this episode on Feb 26/11, but replaced it at the last moment.

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