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Maurice: You! You did this!
Skipper: What?
Maurice: You did this!
Skipper: All right I take full responsibility... well, 90 percent...
Marlene: Hey, I said "have fun", I did not say "go nuts".
Skipper: Right, should not of corkscrewed - Shame on me!
(Maurice growls and starts to leave)
Marlene: Maurice, it was all in fun. Come on bring it in bring it in.
Maurice: I'm not laughing!!
(Maurice slams the door)

Skipper: I've taken down an angry walrus with a wing and a prayer, and another
         wing. I can handle anything.
Marlene: Uh-huh. Except fun.
Skipper: Especially fun. Right, men?
[the others look away and agree weakly]

Marlene: OK I'll try and calm down the screamer, while you guys go get his
         crown. Sound like a plan?
Skipper: That does sound like a plan. Men, commence Operation: Give The Furry
         Cry-Baby His Bottle.

Skipper: Attention-ay, little rodentia. Has anyone seen a leafy crown?
Rat #1: Maybe.
Rat #2: What's it to ya?
Skipper: We need it, pronto.
Rat #1: It belongs to our king.
Rat #2: And there's only one way to take it from him.
Private: Smile and say "Please?"?
Rat #2: Uh-no.
Rat #1: Paw-to-paw combat! Beat the king, get the crown!
All rats (variously): (chanting) Beat the king, get the crown!
Skipper: Okay, I'll go easy on him. Where is the little guy?
[a huge muscular rat appears, wearing Julien's crown]
Private: Oh, you are toast.
Skipper: What was that, Private?
Private: Uh... I mean, crusty on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, and
         good in a jam.
Skipper: Oh, that's nice.
King Rat: You are going down, clown! Down to Rat Town!
Private: Aren't we already there?

Julien: My head is naked, my head is nude. 
        My head is crownless, dark is my mood.
Marlene: Crazy poetry. But its a good stuff.

Skipper: You might want to watch out for those ninjas, Marlene.
Marlene: You mean bowling pins?
Skipper: I mean ninjas. Don't you see the little faces on them?

Kowalski: Skipper we're in this together.
[a steel cage falls around them]
Kowalski: And by this, I mean a steel cage strike.

[Marlene takes a cowboy hat.]
Marlene: Look, you can be the king of the cowboys! Ride 'em... part...
Julien: Shut up Okay?

Julien: I want my crown!!!
Marlene: And I have your crown.
(Julien looks surprised)
A crown that you will love as much as you love
         yourself because...
[Puts a novelty drinking cup with Julien's head on its lid upon Julien's head]
Marlene: It's you! [imitating Julien's accent] I am thinking that there is an 
         awesome amount of fabulousness going. Huh? Huh?
Julien: [looking at himself in mirror] It is hot with handsomeness.
Marlene: [nods] And here's the best part!
[Puts straw on Julien's mouth; he sips]
Julien: Mmm. My need for beauty and my need for fizzy drink; both are satisfied.
[He sucks on the straw until the cup collapses]
Julien: Ah! My little head!
[He tosses aside the cup; it lands on top of Maurice's head]
Mort: I like you hideously disfigured.

Marlene: [speaking on a walkie-talkie] Tell me you found the crown.
Kowalski: Oh the crown has been found.
Marlene:  Great! Wait... Where's Skipper?
Kowalski: Skipper is unable to take your call right now. He is about to battle
          a mutated rodent warlord.
Marlene: Oh! [confused] Huh?

Marlene: Why are you guys working anyway? Come on, it's Fun Day.
Skipper: Fun Day? Rico, code blue! Private, weapons check! Kowalski, 
         options for... hey, hey, whoa, whoa! Hold on second What is this
         Fun Day?
Kowalski: Few humans visit on Mondays, thus our zoo overlords have renamed 
          Monday "Fun Day".
Skipper: Why wasn't this in my morning briefing? How am I to know this stuff?
[Camera pulls back to show a large sign reading "Fun Day!" hanging over the
penguin habitat]
Skipper: Come on, people! I'm not a mind reader!

King Rat: That's the best you got? Bird, that is some weak sauce! 

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