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  • Out of all the crowned lemurs on the show, Crimson is the only one who doesn't have a dark spot on her head.
  • She shares some similarities with Clemson, one of the antagonists in The Penguins of Madagascar. They have similar names, similar features, and they both are King Julien's enemies.
  • Crimson is the only character with pink eyelids, while many others have brown or black ones.
  • She is mentioned in That's Sooo Rob, True Bromance, Get Off My Lawn, and Koto, Plain and Tall.
  • Crimson is a bit like Uncle King Julien, and have even teamed up out of mutual resentment for King Julien XIII. However, Crimson is not as cruel as Uncle King, as she helped Clover beat Wigman Wildebeest in Eye of the Clover because of their family bond, whereas Uncle King has no regard for his nephew's life.

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