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Cradle and All title card


Rico babbles

Skipper: Seriously, who could predict that sentimental young Private could cause such utter devastation.
Private: Well... technically, it was the tire's fault.

The baby starts crying and the penguins hop onto the carriage.

Skipper: Well, first thing's first. Kowalski, how do you suggest we quiet this little noise maker?
Kowalski: Human spawn usually derive happiness from fun toys.

Rico barfs up an assortment of dangerous weapons.

Skipper: Let's go a little less lethal for baby friendly, like nunchucks and brass knuckles.

Rico starts to throw up but Kowalski stops him.

Kowalski: I was thinking more along the lines of a stuffed animal.

Rico instead barks up a stuffed penguin and hands it to the baby. The penguins look on as the baby continues to cry.

Private: Uh, perhaps the little chap's crying cause he's got a soiled nappy.

The penguin all turn their heads detecting a horrible smell coming from the baby's diaper.

Kowalski: I, uh, I just assumed that was Rico.

Rico sniffs his armpits.

Rico: No.

Kowalski still holding his nose gags.

Skipper: Kowalski, you and I will take the diaper detail. Rico, give us some protection.

Rico barfs up three gas masks.

Skipper: Private, see what you can find down below. Gentlemen, let's defuse this stink bomb.
Private: Diaper bag secured!
Kowalski: Wipes...clean diaper...and powder.

When the powder clears they see Rico in the carriage wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier acting like a baby. Meanwhile Private is holding the baby who is still crying and Skipper looks angry.

Rico: Heh, heh, heh.
Kowalski: Wipes...clean diaper...and powder.

This time Kowalski, Private, and Skipper are wearing the diaper with Private in the middle and upside down. Rico and the baby look on and the baby giggles.

Kowalski: Wipes...clean diaper...and powder.

The baby is back in the carriage with a new diaper. The penguins smile as Rico tosses the dirty diaper into a nearby dumpster.

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