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  • The point is, zoo animals are filthy, flithy beasts. There I said it and you all heard it.
  • I love this finger thing. It means nothing.
  • Is it wrong that I talk to myself this much? Who cares? I'm evil! Mwahahaha!
  • Something smells rotten here. It always smells rotten here, but i mean this is rotten.
  • Hey classy place you got here! Well it's not classy, but it suits you which it half the battle. Little tip though, your periscope is showing.
  • Hahaha! Game over boys!
  • What happened? How'd I get back here? Let me put that another way (angrily) What happened?! How'd I get back here?!
  • (singing) With the price of a lousy subway token you can catch the next train to Hoboken!

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other    



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