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Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie

  • Remain Calm Penguins! You are now under the protection of the North Wind! You're welcome.
  • David the Octopus!
  • My name isn't Classified. My name is Classified because I am the leader of this task force.
  • Tell me everything you know
  • We are the North Wind...And Nothing Breaks the Wind!
  • I want these butterballs out of my way and out of my mission. Ship them to one of our Safehouses the most remote place on the planet.
  • and perhaps you should show a little more concern for that fact that you stole and destroyed...a 19 million dollar vehicle!
  • Skipper and Classified: We Have to Move! What?
  • Let's see how cute and cuddly handles this!
  • Whatever Dave's paying you we'll triple it!
  • David The octopus show me you tentacles!
  • Where the dickens are they!

Conversations involving him

  • Classified: Tell me everything you know
  • Skipper: All right, Numero Uno, never trust a Dutchman in a tulip fight.
  • Classified: tulip fight.
  • Skipper: Canada is secretly training an army of sasquatch.
  • Classified: Sasquatch.
  • Skipper: Hog dogs are, in fact, only 17% actual dog.
  • Classified: Not Everything everything! Just everything regarding your abduction by Dr. Octavius Brine.

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