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  • He could possibly be a reference to the NBC 4 anchorman, Chuck Scarborough.
  • In the Penguin special episode "The All Nighter Before Christmas" he reveals that he is no longer able to speak in a normal voice.
  • He can't swim as seen drowning in "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge."
  • He is afraid of unicorns as seen in Operation Lunacorn Apocalypse
  • Its revealed in "Goodnight and Good Chuck" that he is really incredibly inteligent and observant, able to accurately work out the Penguins secrets, incredibly quickly, from the most basic clues, Kawolski attributes this to him having a newsreporters brain.
  • In "Goodnight and Good Chuck" He's shown to be incredbly skilled at hand to hand combat and agile, able to do back flips, and defeat the penguins in a fight, making him one of only two humans (the other being Officer X) to defeat them in combat.
  • Following "Goodnight and Good Chuck" he knows the penguins secret, but keeps it, as they (inadvertantly) got him his job back.
  • Chuck Charles made a voice cameo on the Sister show Monsters vs. Aliens.

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