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  • (Pretending to talk to the camera/audience) "This is Chuck Charles live from the scene of misery and sorrow that is now my life..." (bows his head in shame). (Goodnight and Good Chuck, after Chuck Charles gets fired from him newscaster job and has to work at the zoo cleaning after Burt)
  • "Here we are live at the penguin habitat where cute and cuddly antics abound. Of course this is likely just a cover for their clandestine activities..." (Goodnight and Good Chuck, where Chuck Charles is working at the Central Park Zoo and giving a tour to visitors)
  • (Penguins watching Chuck Charles on TV narrating a police chase) "As we enter hour four of this boring police chase-" (explosion is heard) "Wow! Tanker explosion! Folks if you're just tuning in LUCKY YOU!" (Skipper is stunned, camera zooms into him) "Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. This is Chuck Charles and my teleprompter is stuck. Lucky." (Skipper Makes Perfect, Skipper constantly hears he is having a lucky day)

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