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Chuck Charles is a news-reporter for Channel 1. He is the reporter most commonly shown, and seems obsessed with his hair. In The All Nighter Before Christmas he mentions that he is so used to talking on television that he has forgotten how to talk normaly.

In Goodnight and Good Chuck due to an unknown reason he was fired and replaced with his rival anchor Pete Peters and he got a new job at the zoo as Alice's assistant but he was sat on by Burt,swung out of control by Bada and Bing,tried to get a chameleon off of his face, being dragged away by a vechile that drove itself,almost got flushed down a toilet,jumped on by Mort and got sparyed by the amesia spray by the penguins.He tried to get his old job back by exposing the penguins's operation to the world and he got past Rico,Private and Kowalski but the disc was taken by Pete Peters and Peters aired it but when the world thought the penguins's operation was fake Pete Peters was fired and Chuck Charles was reinstated.

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