Children 3


The children's zoo is home to Randy the sheep, The Blue Hen, and the bunnies, Muffy, Buffy, and Fluffy. It was also home to the lemurs in the episode Operation: Neighbor Swap. the interior of the Children's zoo is mainly desolate, with some trees and a few bales of hay arranged in a circle. It appears to be an expansion of the regular zoo.

The children's zoo is not a happy place for its residents - little children with sticky, grabby hands come along all the time, pulling at tails and fur daily. It's no playhouse - it's Thunderdome.

Time Line

Map shot


Tried to piece this together from various screen shots in Operation: Neighbor Swap. If anyone can make a better picture, please do. This Habitat is near the Alligator Habitat and the Ostrich Habitat.




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