• "Game on."
  • "It was never about the money. It was about. . . (points to Alex), the lion''
  • Voila! Giraffe at 12'o'clock!
  • ''Well played Lion, [tip her hat] Game on.''
  • Speak. Morn'? A zebra? A hippo? A giraffe? A lion?! (talking on the phone, hearing about the zoo animals)
  • When I was 7, I strangled my 1st parrot, flushed my first goldfish and punched my 1st snake. Now, I have finally reached the moment that I've been preparing my entire life, the pinnacle of my career, to hunt the king of the beasts! (Shooting a dart at a trophy case for a lion head)
  • Poor, poor animals. You should never left the forest. Now you deal with me.
  • So you ran away with the circus, what a cliche. (Learning that Alex is hiding with the circus)
  • When in Rome, Viva La France!
  • Voila! (learning that Alex is a missing lion from a zoo)
  • Attention! I have found the lion, he is hiding with the circus. (regrouping with her men)
  • Bravo, bravo! What a heart warming preformance Monsieur Antoinette. It brought tears to my eyes. *Laughs* No, not really. Monsieur we both know the lion does not belong to you. He is a fugitive from justice. You will turn the lion over to me so that I may put him where he belongs... *Rides her vehicle towards Alex and puts something around his neck and makes him come closer to her* On my wall. (After the London preformance in the circus tent with all the other animals. Vataly, Stephano, and Gia are talking to Alex and are very happy)
  • Wait! (before being shot out of the cannon)
  • Surprise! (capturing the Four near the zoo)
  • Noooooooooo!!!!! ( after failing to kill Alex)
  • I will have your head! (Trying to kill Stefano after having Alex taken away from her)
  • If I'm going down, your head is coming with me! (fighting Alex while almost falling into the penguin pool full of cobras to which Alex refused)
  • Rargggghhhh! (Roaring in anger after being defeated)
  • Muuuuuhhhhhh! (Trapped in a crate, with duct tape slapped on her mouth realizing she and her henchmen are being shipped to Madagascar)

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