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  • Cecil: (through the footage of the security camera) We come back here tonight, rip that necklace back from those filthy birds. Why waste my genius on a flock of dumb animals?!
  • Brick: Tail! (laughing at King Julien's booty before Cecil slapped him)
  • Skipper: (watching the security footage of the jewelry store robbery, speaking to Private) That's the hatslap of a professional criminal!

  • Brick: (after getting thrown out of the zoo) What are we gonna do, Cecil?
    • Cecil: Well, it's simple: We come back tonight, rip our necklace right back from those filthy birds!
  • Brick: You got a genius plan, then?
    • Cecil: Oh yeah. No, it's a great question, Brick. WHY WASTE MY GENIUS ON A FLOCK OF DUMB ANIMALS?!

  • Cecil: (reading as he writes his letter) Dear, Jewelry store, Congratulations! You have just been robbed by the greatest felons of all time, signed the Amazing Cecil & his associates...

Brick accidentally breaks the glass case, triggering alarms

  • Cecil: Brick!!

Cecil looks menacingly at Brick, he hatslaps Brick

  • Brick: Sorry.
  • Cecil: Just take the necklace!

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